How It Works

Is Online Learning Right for You?

As the parent of a California student who wants academic achievement and enrichment culminating in an accredited high school diploma, iQ Academy California – Los Angeles (IQLA) may be the right choice for you.

What are your child’s specific needs?

IQLA is ideal for:

  • Students looking for a high-quality alternative to their current school
  • Struggling students
  • Advanced learners
  • Military families
  • Athletes and performers
  • Children who are homebound
  • Previously homeschooled students seeking an academically rigorous, accredited education

What are the unique benefits of online learning?

Particularly for the middle and high school years, online learning requires the ability to work independently and the discipline to stay on track. While online learning lets students set their own schedule, they must still progress at a pace that enables them to meet assignment and test deadlines and complete coursework within the semester.

Does this describe your child?

In general, students who have a high probability of success in online learning:

  • Are self-motivated and exhibit maturity
  • Possess reading and writing skills at or above current grade level
  • Are willing to ask the teacher for help
  • Exhibit organizational and time management skills
  • Are comfortable using technology
  • Have realistic expectations of online learning courses