About Our School

Letter from Our Head of School

Dear Parent,

iQ Academy California – Los Angeles (iQLA) is a quality, Western Association of Schools and Colleges-accredited online charter school that offers innovative use of technology, a rigorous curriculum from K12, personalized learning plans for each student, and accommodations to foster different learning styles. iQLA opened in the fall of 2010 serving students in Los Angeles, Orange, Kern, San Bernardino, and Ventura counties.

When you enroll in iQLA, you’re joining more than an online school. You’re participating in an educational support system that, in working with your family and your California-credentialed teacher, is designed to give your child an exceptional education. At iQLA, we believe that building positive, meaningful relationships with students and parents is key to every child’s academic growth. We’re passionate about what we do and the impact we have when we work together for every child’s success.

The program and support provided by iQLA gives students a strong foundation as well as the opportunity to explore interests and achieve their academic potential. Learning becomes a wonderful community and family experience. Outings to museums, roller- and ice-skating parks, local zoos, and other interesting sites help create real connections within the school community.

Not only are we proud of our school, we also believe that it’s a profoundly good choice for families who want to help their children get the education they deserve. On behalf of our dedicated community, I look forward to receiving your enrollment forms and welcoming you soon to iQLA!

Best Wishes,

Nick Stecken

Head of School